popads tricks to earn more money

How To Increase Your Popads Earning , Tricks To Earn More From Popads and How to join Popads

Hey ,MB FAMILY today if I cover about popads earning I will be helping you .
Before I tell you more about how to increase and boost your earnings with popads let me tell you how popads works .

How to join popads

Pop ads is a network that pays bloggers when they display ads from there network.
You just need to join and create code that you place in your blog
To join click join:

Join popads and earn 

They pay per impression and clicks
Note cost per clicks in popads depends on many factors ,
Location, time of week amount of traffic and more . let us look at the tips below .

Tips on how to increase popads revenue .

Create linked content

Popads will display ads when a user clicks on links or blank space in your blog so you need to add links to your article content ,

More relevant links will help you earn more when users click on them .

Share your content

Share your content to boost traffic .

Create social pages and share your post

Work on SEO

This is the only way to get more and more visitors to your blog .

The better the ranking with right keywords the more impressions you get in your popads from your blog .


Use emails to alert visitors a new post this is a trick to get returning traffic ,


Popads will pay well for traffic in Canada , USA , and Low payment in India always target visitors from USA when writing and creating content 

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