Why Citizen TV Terminated Papa Shirandula Show

Wasanii Vichwa Ngumu, Njoro Reveals Why Citizen TV Terminated Papa Shirandula Show

papa shirandula death in Nairobi hospital
After the burial of celebrated comedian actor Charles Bukeko who was the lead actor in Citizen TV's Papa Shirandula comedy show, his protégé Felix Odiwuor whom he gave a lasting alias as Jalang'o decided to host two of Papa's former protégés cum friends on his YouTube show as a way to pay tribute to him.

The show which was slated to be commenced at 1PM of July 22nd unfolded as had been planned and it was a medium through which the three got a chance to clear the air on a number of issues.

Among those issues that were highly anticipated and which were finally touched on was Njoro's relationship with Papa.

Njoro whose name is Kenneth Gichoya and who was a close friend of Papa on screen and real life revealed that his story with the late Papa stretches back to 1998.

That the two met way back in 1998 when Kenneth was hawking sweets in the streets of Nairobi and public functions while Charles was already doing comedy.

That at one point in those years Njoro rejected Papa's offer to join him in acting only to later seek after him in the comedy industry.

He added that after landing their Papa Shirandula jobs, the two grew into great buddies helping each other with personal issues like investment decisions.

On a sad note, Njoro confirmed the rumours that've been circulating around that Royal Media Services scrapped the popular Papa Shirandula show.
Collage photo of Njoro and Papa Shirandula

In his own words, Njoro said that "Papa Shirandula iliisha 6 months ago after COVID-19 kuingia."
papa shirandula show terminated

That "hata hatukuambiwa mapema, tulipata tu news after end month. Papa Shirandula was the highest paying show on Citizen na ilikatwa but Tahid High, Inspector Mwala na Mother-in-law zikabaki."

He went ahead to reveal that the show was terminated because Citizen TV perceived them (actors of the show) as "wale wasanii ni vichwa ngumu" (theirs was of stubborn artists).

According to him, "Papa Shirandula show has made Citizen TV and has built many artists and Royal Media has a challenge to create a replacement that'll fit in its shoes."
papa shirandula death in Nairobi hospital
Do you think that will be a hard task for Royal Media Services?